AMIC Central Masjid Project @Frederick Street

The Aberdeen Central Masjid @Frederick Street project hopes to create a masjid and community centre which will provide excellent facilities and services to the local community, our youth and our families.

We need to raise £350,000 (Phase 1 of the project) within the next three months to make a move to the new location and carry out initial works.


We are pleased to launch our Sadaqah Jaariyah campaign the ‘Dream and Believe Project’ to relocate the Spital mosque to new premises at Frederick Street, Aberdeen. We need your dua and support to make this a reality. The price of the building is £950,000, with some additional funds being required for refurbishment.

Alhamdulillah, we have in the region of £400,000 earmarked and available for this project and now need to raise the sum of £350,000 by the end of September 2021 to proceed with Phase 1 consisting of the purchase (£600,000) and initial refurbishment (£150,000) of the property. The remainder of the purchase price (£350,000) is still to be paid and will need to be made in due course.

Help us fundraise for your mosque and community to enable us to provide the services and facilities we currently lack and need in Aberdeen. There are so many exciting plans and opportunities with this project! DREAM of the exciting opportunities & BELIEVE that Allah (SWT) will make this project a success insha'Allah.

Muhammad ﷺ said: “Whoever builds a masjid (mosque) for the sake of Allah, Allah will build something similar for him in Paradise” [Bukhari]

The Project

Current Site

The current mosque situated at the Spital, old Aberdeen was the first masjid established in Aberdeen in 1978 to accommodate the needs of the local Muslim community. Initially the mosque formed one small building and over the years, adjacent three other terraced houses were bought and incorporated. The demand for services and the needs of the congregation have evolved over the years and we are facing many challenges operating from this building whilst trying to support the Muslim and non-Muslim community. Here are just a few examples of the current issues:

  • We do not have a large hall or room for prayers and this means that prayers are held in small rooms within the various buildings. This does not provide a spiritual environment or atmosphere for the worshipers. Additionally, people often have to wait to pray outside in the forecourt during the Friday congregation in an area which is not covered and not convenient during rain and winter time

  • Current facilities for ladies accommodate around 50, whereas the demand is greater

  • Our programs for madrasah, reminders and lectures, and iftar programs in Ramadhan all take place on the same carpeted area we pray on. This is not ideal as we are effectively operating out of limited space, which means that we can only have one activity happening at any given time

  • We lack appropriate disabled access and facilities

  • Current premises are unsuitable for the desired madrasah offering AMIC wants to provide

  • We cannot introduce more programs for children and adults

  • We do not have suitable dedicated Janazah facilities (body washing)

  • We do not have office space for Imam or meetings

  • There is a lack of storage

  • There is no dedicated car parking facility nearby

New Site

By the Grace of Allah (SWT), we have been presented with an opportunity and embarking on relocating to a new site at Frederick Street, Aberdeen. The AMIC Central Masjid project will cater to the community's needs and will result in a modern, ready to move in condition building spanning three floors that have the options to include:

  • Male prayer halls with a combined capacity of over 1000

  • Female prayer halls with a capacity of over 500 and crèche facilities

  • A multi-purpose hall

  • A dedicated lecture/events hall

  • Free car park for up to 28 vehicles and paid adjacent multi-storey council car park

  • Improved facilities to conduct youth activities, mothers and toddler groups, senior programs

  • Separate classrooms for our Madrasah classes and other education programs

  • More space for our food bank and other community initiatives

  • A dedicated facility for Janazah

  • Seminar rooms for youth and adult learning

  • Dedicated offices for imam services, the board and education administration

We already have many of these activities running at AMIC Spital Masjid but struggle to meet demands and provide suitable surroundings to realise our potential.

The New Location

AMIC Central Masjid, Frederick Street Business Centre, Frederick Street, Aberdeen AB24 5HY

The new AMIC Central Masjid building is located right in the centre of Aberdeen City. It is situated at a walking distance from the Aberdeen bus and train stations, making it easily accessible by bus, train or private transport.

Ground Floor

Ground Floor slide

First Floor

First Floor

Second Floor

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