Frequently Asked Questions

AMIC has identified a suitable site in Aberdeen where it is intended that the Spital mosque will relocate to subject to obtaining the following

  • Satisfactory survey
  • Planning permission for a change of use from the local authority

This is the “Dream and Believe Project”. We ask you to dream of the possibilities, give effort and have Tawakul that Allah (SWT) will bless us and allow us to deliver your aspirations!

No, this is not the same project as the beach mosque project. The beach site is overseen by a separate charity by different trustees and has no connection to AMIC.

We will be considering all available options for the future use of the Spital site before reaching a decision. It is intended that the site will be retained in part/some capacity as a prayer space but the final decision has not been made yet as we are still in the early stages of the relocation project.

The premises at Spital have not been suitable for both the religious and social requirements of the community for a prolonged period of time. The Covid-19 pandemic has re-iterated the shortcomings of the current premises and the need for a more suitable site for the needs of the community.

The purchase price of the building is £950,000. This will need to be paid as follows

The sum of £600,000 on the date of entry. The sum of £70,000 annually for 5 years commencing on the first anniversary of the date of entry.

Yes, we anticipate that we will require approximately between £150,000 to £200,000 initially for adaptation and refurbishment works. Depending on the potential use and requirements of the community, we may require further sums for future alterations.

We are commencing general fundraising to secure the required funds. We also hope to launch various fundraising initiatives whereby the community can come together and raise funds required for this project.

As a community project, we are particularly looking forward to working with individuals, youth, families and local organisations to reach our goals and raise funds. We also hope to reach out to external communities and past residents of Aberdeen.

Once we progress with the project, we will be engaging with volunteers and would love to tap into the local skills and expertise in various areas of the community so that we can run new and exciting programs and activities for the community. We will be establishing a volunteer pool where the community can engage with the day to day activities of the mosque and share in the rewards!

Yes, you can do that. Click here to set it up now or contact us at

Yes, you can do that; please get in touch with us at

Yes, Click here to contibute via online secure payment or you can transfer donation money into AMIC bank account.

  • Bank Name: Bank of Scotland
  • Bank Account Name: Aberdeen Mosque and Islamic Centre SCIO
  • Sort code: 80-22-60
  • Account Number: 17690460
  • IBAN number: GB26BOFS802260176904

We looked at and assessed multiple options and locations as part of the relocation project. The chosen site aligned best with our vision for AMIC, community accessibility and value for money.

We have spacious, well-equipped facilities with ample space for a variety of uses and programs. We will be engaging with the community to explore the various opportunities the new site offers.

Yes, there will be a dedicated ladies prayer area and access to the wider facilities within the building. We want to focus on providing a comfortable, spacious and well-equipped space for our sisters to utilise.

It is intended that the current AMIC education programs will be running at the new site in an environment that will Insha’Allah grant our children the best opportunity to flourish and stay connected to the masjid and their deen.

Yes, we hope to provide programs and services for our children and our youth that will be beneficial to them in terms of their deen and essential life skills for their dunya.

Yes, there is free car parking space for up to 28 vehicles and adjacent multi-storey 150 spaces council car park.

If you have any further queries or would like some further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail at or use the Contact Us form below and Insha’Allah we will be in touch with you.